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Beijing Municipality | Explore Beijing

Beijing Municipality
Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. It is located in the northern part of the country... Wikipedia
English Name: Beijing, Peking Chinese Name: 北京 (běijīng)
Capital: Beijing GDP (2013): US$ 318.107 billion
Population: 21,150,000 (2013) Area: 6,336 sq miles
Points of Interest: Summer Palace, Great Wall, Forbidden City

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Beijing, China

Fragrant Hills Park (Xiangshan Park)
Official site of Beijing Xiangshan Park... Located on the west side of Beijing,Fragrant Hills is a large forest park with the characteristics of imperial gardens.
Temple of Heaven
The official website of the Temple of Heaven...

Travel & Tourism in Beijing

Beijing local time and weather
Current local time and weather in Beijing...
Beijing - Wikipedia
Beijing is the capital of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. It is located in the northern part of the country.
Beijing travel guide - Wikitravel
Open source travel guide to Beijing, featuring up-to-date information on attractions, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips and more.
Beijing Official Website
eBeijing: Beijing's homepage, the official English website of the city of Beijing.
Beijing Review
English weekly news magazine...
The Beijinger
Beijing classifieds, forum, directory, blog and more...
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport is the main international airport serving Beijing. It is located 32 km northeast of Beijing's city center...
Beijing Highlights
Beijing Highlights is one of the online service platforms of CITS Guilin. It focuses on travel service in Beijing, and from Beijing.
Beijing Impression Travel Service
Beijing Impression seeks to provide you with unforgettable tour experiences in Beijing and other China cities.
Beijing Made Easy
Hotel, flight and travel information for Beijing...
Beijing Service
Beijing Service is mainly engaged in arranging high quality private tours and business tours for family, universities and other organizations.
Beijing Subway
The Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality.
Beijing Tourism Administration
Beijing Tourism Administration's major responsibilities lie in planning and promoting the growth of the tourist industry in Beijing...
Beijing Trip
Beijing Trip provides extensive Beijing travel information on hotels, attractions, dining, shopping and Beijing tour packages as well as China tours.
China eTours
China eTours Travel Service offers you tailor made China tours...

Colleges & Universities in Beijing

Beihang University
Beihang University is a major public research university located in Beijing...
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology, is a leading public, co-educational, national key university, located in Beijing.
Beijing Jiaotong University
Beijing Jiaotong University is one of the oldest universities in mainland China. The main campus is located close to Xizhimen, central Beijing.
Beijing Language and Culture University
Beijing Language and Culture University or Yuyan Xueyuan, has the main aim of teaching the Chinese language and culture to foreign students in China.
Beijing Normal University
Beijing Normal University, or Beishida, is a public research university located in Beijing with strong emphasis on basic disciplines of humanities and sciences.
Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beihua or Huada, is one of the outstanding universities in mainland China.
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine is a university in Beijing. It is one of the earliest established traditional Chinese medical universities in China.
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
A key national university distinguished by the teaching and research in the field of cable communications, wireless, computers, and electronic engineering.
Beijing University of Technology
Beijing University of Technology, also called Beijing Polytechnic University or Bei Gong Da is recognized as one of the key universities in China...
Capital Medical University
Capital University of Medical Sciences, also known as CUMS, CCMU or CMU, is a university in Beijing...
Central Conservatory of Music
The Central Conservatory of Music is the national leading music school in Beijing.
Central University of Finance and Economics
Central University of Finance and Economics, colloquially known in Chinese as Zhongcai is located in Beijing...
China Agriculture University
China Agricultural University specializes in agriculture, biology, engineering, veterinary medicine, economics, management, humanities and social science.
China Foreign Affairs University
The China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, People's Republic of China is a competitive university for diplomats.
China University of Geosciences  
The China University of Geosciences is a key national university directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of China.
China University of Mining and Technology
China University of Mining and Technology colloquially 矿大 is a national key university in China...
China University of Petroleum
The China University of Petroleum consists of two universities, China University of Petroleum in Qingdao as well as the China University of Petroleum (Beijing).
China University of Political Science and Law  
China University of Political Science and Law is a university in Beijing, People's Republic of China. Its law school is considered one of the best in China.
Chinese Academy of Engineering
The Chinese Academy of Engineering is the national academy of the People's Republic of China for engineering.
Chinese Academy of Sciences  
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, has its roots from Academia Sinica of Republic of China, is the national academy for the natural sciences in China.
Communication University of China  
The Communication University of China is a public university in Beijing, China. 
North China Electric Power University
North China Electric Power University is a university based in Beijing that specializes in polytechnic disciplines.
Peking University
Peking University, is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing...
Renmin University of China
People's University of China, colloquially Renda, is a major research university in Beijing. Its campus neighbors those of Peking University and Tsinghua...
Tsinghua University
Tsinghua University is a research university located in Beijing...