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Xi'an is the capital of the Shaanxi province. One of the oldest cities in China, with more than 3,100 years of history,...  Wikipedia
English Name: Xi'an Chinese Name: 西安 ( Xī'ān)
Population:8,467,837 (2010) Area:3,854 sq miles
Province: Shaanxi Government: Sub provincial city
Area Code: +86/29 Postal Code: 710000 - 710090
Points of Interest: Terracotta Army | Great Mosque | Giant Wild Goose Pagoda | Bell Tower

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Xi'an, Shaanxi

Xi'an local time and weather
Current local time and weather in Xi'an...
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Xi'an is the capital of the Shaanxi province, and a sub-provincial city in the People's Republic of China.
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